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All Treatments Booked Via Time
PENSIONERS DISCOUNT $15 off 1 Hour and 90 Min
90 Mins  $100
1 hour    $80
45 mins  $70
30 mins  $60
(Appointments by prior booking only)

Please call ahead for all appointments. Our store is run by a number of staff who all work between different locations and our store is sometimes closed between shift change overs. If nobody is there to take your call


PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE!! someone will get back to you ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience


Swedish Massage

Find tranquillity with an indulging relaxation massage. An oil Based massage designed to relax and destress the body and mind. This is generally a full body massage made up of swedish techniques, not only working on tight muscle tissue but also massaging in a way for blood to flow and circulate to and from the heart, as well as bringing new reoxygenated blood to the muscles. This massage is one of the most common styles and can be modified to a deeper style. 60 -90 Mins is recomended.   


Deep tissue Massage/Remedial  Massage

This style is designed to improve muscle mobility and relieve tension with strong massage techniques. The massage is performed with oil and is foccused on problem areas. Depending on the clients needs 30 mins is usually enough, keeping in mind 30 mins will not cover the entire body.  


Hot Stones Massage

A sensational heat therapy treatment for relaxation. Feel tension and stress melt away with soothing heated stones. The stones are heated to a warm temperature and used to massage the body by smoothly gliding along the muscles, followed by special placement of stones on the back so the muscles can further absorb the heat. 90 Mins is required to do a full body hot stone treatment and 60 mins is great for a back, neck and shoulders treatment. 


Traditional Chinese cupping

A Chinese technique using either glass or plastic cups which are depressurized and placed onto the skin. This treatment is designed to release toxins from areas of pain and tightness, held by suction, to massage the body. Cupping will leave the body feeling light and relaxed, while increasing mobility and flexibility in the muscles which prior to treatment may have felt tight or stiff. ( This is normally a 30 min treatment which can be incorporated into a longer massage). 



Rejuvinating foot and hand treatment.   

This treatment begins with a foot scrub and then a pepermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil foot spa which rejuvenates and revitalises the feet. Perfect for softening dry cracked feet, This is followed by an indulging foot massage targeting particular zones not only to relieve pain but also to relieve underlying causes of tension as well. From there we move onto the hands, doing a gentle scrub, heat therapy and then a relaxing hand massage. This is a 30 min treatment and can also be added onto another treatment. 






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