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BodyBreak masssage 


Our Philosophy

We have a strong belief that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Here at the clinic we provide both natural and nurturing stimulus to benefit and assist the  healing process of both body and mind. We strive to not only have you leave after treatment feeling improvement but also with a better understanding of your body.


We have a team specializing in massage and acupuncture. Here is a little snipet of our staff.

Massage therapist Lisa Randall, who practices some of the most endulging treatments as well as remidial massage (see treatments page). 

 Acupuncturist Wendy Kuslan who also practises Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities (cupping, gua sha, herbs, dietary advice, acupressure etc) and remedial therapies for many years. 

Roz Fitzgerald is our clinic herbalist, specializing in both western and chinese herbs. 


Visit the Strathpine Health Care Clinic Website for More information 






BodyBreak masssage



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