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Massage Indications

Some conditions when massage would be of help:

Anxiety, depression, CFS - Chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle pain, muscle cramping and spasms, sciatica, constipation, headaces, migraines, hypertension, osteoarthrosis, Rheumatoid arthrosis, muscle fatigue and mobility issues.

BodyBreak Massage

Benefits Of Massage

Massage is becoming increasingly more popular as people are learning the

benefits and getting results.


- Alleviates muscle pain and improves range of mobility

-Relieves sciatica pain

- Reduces and prevents muscle cramping and spasms

- Stimulates lymph flow (the body's natural defense system) therefore

enhancing the bodys immunity

- Improves blood circulation

- Elevates mood

- Aids recovery from injury

- Reduces anxiety

- Aids relaxation

- Reduces stress

- Reduces depression

- Improves quality of sleep

- Improves Joint function

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